Morgan Co. Emergency & Rescue Squad, Inc., West Liberty, KY  41472

Morgan Co. Emergency & Rescue Squad, Inc. Serving Morgan County, KY since 1975

The Morgan Co. Emergency & Rescue Squad is a volunteer organization of men and women dedicated to the safety of the citizens of Morgan Co. and surrounding area.  Located in West Liberty, Ky, the squad is affiliated with the Morgan Co. Ambulance Service, the Morgan Co. Fiscal Court, and the KY Emergency Management Agency.

Formed and Incorporated in 1975, the squad has continuously served and responded to any and all emergencies that it has been called upon.

We volunteer in case your life depends on it!!!!

For which this corporation is organized include, are not limited to the establishment of an organization of members equipped to render fast and effective rescue aid in any and all types of emergency situations including natural and man-made disasters in which it is called on, or is reported to, or which it discovers itself through the diligence of its members. Such situations include, but are not limited to floods, tornados, earthquakes, cave-ins, automobile accidents, airplane crashes, lost or trapped individuals, drownings, and any other natural or man-made disasters. The further purposes are training and emergency operations and first aid.

Mission Statement